Agerus’ Performance coach

Increase efficiency and results with Agerus’ Performance coach

During a six months long programme, an Agerus’ consult makes a comprehensive assessment of the group’s or department’s efficiency and lifts its performance.


The programme aims to create a significant improvement of the overall performance and goal attainment. At the same time, both managers and employees learn a method that they can take away and use to develop and improve efficiencies, engagement and enjoyment of work themselves.


The programme is implemented in the following steps:


  1. The starting point is a description of the current situation and its challenges, possible problems and desired future situation with concrete goals.
  2. Departmental appraisal by using Agerus’ indices to measure the prerequisites in the work situation, alongside interviews of managers and employees.
  3. Analysis and recommendations are presented to the manager. Decision-making of course of action.
  4. Analysis presented to the group. Workshop with dialogues about the current situation and the desired future situation, resulting in activities that will develop the work situation.
  5. Once a month, for four months, all employees and managers are coached individually. This ensures that development activities are implemented, that possible problems are handled quickly, and that the group is moving towards the desired future. Continual follow-up of the group’s key performance indicators.
  6. Follow-up measurement of the group’s prerequisites with using Agerus’ indices. Shared run-through of the result and the results so far. Goals for the upcoming period are determined and new development activities are decided.
  7. The baton is handed over to the manager and the group to keep running the process on their own…
The service includes:
  • Interviews for analysis of the present situation
  • Two measurements with Agerus’ indices
  • Two workshops for the entire group/department
  • Four occasions where everyone in the team is coached individually

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