Certified partners

Qualified consultants ensure good results

Agerus cooperates with businesses and individuals that share our views on people in the work situation and, just like us, want to achieve sustainable development in businesses and organisations. After being certified, these consultants work with our method and our tools to reach concrete goals for both organisations and people.


Agerus has a nationwide network of certified Agerus Consultants in Sweden. We also have partners in Norway, Finland, Singapore and South Korea and we are constantly expanding our network to even more markets. As a customer you can therefore count on having a qualified consultant near you.


Our consultant partners have specialist competence within many areas and often use Agerus’ method and tools as part of a development programme. Do therefore contact us if you are looking for help with a particular area of expertise.

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As an Agerus consultant partner, you have access to tried-and-tested models, unique indices and practical tools that are of benefit to your customers.


Agerus’s different tools and the method we use is based on universal principles. Human beings are largely the same regardless of their role or what industry they are in. The method and the tools can therefore be used for development in all types of organisations and in all parts of the organisation.


Here are a few examples of consulting areas where Agerus’ tools and method makes a difference:


  • Organisational development, group development, lean, performance management
  • Leadership, manager coaching, manager training, recruitment, search
  • Production, logistics, quality, IT
  • Branding, communication, PR, strategy
  • Sales development, sales coaching, customer experience, service
  • Health, work environment