Agerus’ method

Allow all employees to take part and create better prerequisites

Agerus has developed a method for improved worklife performance and health. The method is based on Swedish and international research and longstanding application in large and small businesses and organisations.


Agerus’ method is based on a modern way of looking at people in the work situation and is directly linked to the goals of the organisation. Managers and employees systematically develop a number of factors in relation to the work. This leads to improvements in terms of efficiency and happier customers, but also “softer” values such as belonging, enjoyment of work and well-being.

Nurture employees' drive

Research shows that people fundamentally want to do a good job, and become frustrated, and even ill, if they are unable to do so. But in order to perform well, the work situation must loaded with good prerequisites.


Agerus’ method is based on this view of people in the workplace, and nurture people’s inherent engagement and desire to develop. Employees take on increased responsibilities for their work situation and become more autonomous.

Assignments and goals are at the core

To be able to do a good job, it is necessary to have a clear idea of your assignment – i.e. what you are expected to do and what the outcome is meant to be. Based on the assignment, the team systematically work together to develop the prerequisites to be able to accomplish the assignment. Step-by-step, the inherent drive and force within the group is released.


The group’s development is followed by, for example, measuring the most important key performance indicators and follow-up measurements of the work situation with Agerus index.

Scientific indices provide focus

Agerus’ method measures the scientifically validated prerequisites for good performances and health. Through the unique indices and comprehensible diagrams it becomes clear both what factors need to be improved urgently and the strong factors that should be nurtured and developed further.


There is a direct correlation between Agerus’ indices and the group’s key performance indicators. When the index values increase as a result of the improvement activities carried out, the key performance indicators also see an upswing.

Learning in the everyday

By using Agerus’ method all employees have the opportunity to reflect over their work assignment, their performance, how they feel and how the work situation can improve. Through dialogue and an exchange with others, everyone comes to a better understanding of the bigger picture they are part of and how to best work together to achieve the common goals. This systematic learning in the everyday develops both the organisation and its people.

A sustainable organisational or company culture strengthens the brand

By using the Agerus method a strong and clear culture characterised by good performance, goal attainment and good health is developed over time. A sustainable culture such as this, is integral to being an attractive workplace.


In an organisation where everyone performs well, its brand is also strengthened in relation to customers and the market. Agerus’ method therefore benefits the individual, the organisation and the brand.

In Agerus' method, the organisation's needs and the employees' needs are mutually dependent prerequisites, not opposing forces.

In Agerus' method, the differences between people create the dynamics necessary for development.

In Agerus' method a good communication climate is seen as the basis for good results.

In Agerus' method, there are no contradictions between good performances and good health. When you perform well, you also feel well.