Agerus indices

Our scientific indices measure the future

Research has helped us identify the factors that have a direct impact on work performance and health. These are the factors that need to be fulfilled for the organisation to be efficient and reach its goals.


Agerus’ Survey is a strategic management tool for measuring and analysing these factors. The results show the condition of the organisation and provides a forecast about the future if prerequisites do not change. The analysis clearly shows the good factors but also what needs to improve in order for goals to be reached.

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Agerus’ unique indices show the organisation’s ability to perform well and be efficient over time. They are used during development work to ensure high efficiency, goal attainment and health of employees. The indices benefit from having a scientific basis and longstanding implementation in businesses and organisations. They have been used in over 150 countries and in more than 30 languages.


Our indices are derived from three development concepts and can be used separately or together.

A sustainable performance culture

A sustainable performance culture fulfills demands on efficiency, quality and satisfied customers, while meeting the individual’s need for good prerequisites in the work situation. The concept stands on its own, but also works as a powerful enforcement to, for example, performance management programs, lean and other development processes.

Index Measures
APCI Agerus Performance Culture Index The performance culture
API Agerus Performance Index The conditions for performance
AII Agerus Identification Index The basic human needs that influence identification with the organisation
ADI Agerus Dialogue Index The communication climate

Leadership for sustainable performance

This concept helps managers and other leaders to improve their leadership. Step-by-step, a modern leadership which drives performance and goal attainment by contributing to creating the right prerequisites for employees in their work environment is created.

Index Measures
ALCI Agerus Leadership Culture Index The leadership culture
ALI Agerus Leadership Index The leader contributes to the conditions for performance
ACI Agerus Communication Index The communication competency

The health-creating workplace

Through this concept, Agerus offers a new way of working with the psychosocial work environment that benefits both health and efficiency.

Index Measures
AHCI Agerus Health Culture Index The health culture
AWEI Agerus Work Experience Index Six dimensions of the work experience which affects health and performance
AHI Agerus Health Index Indicators of health
ADI Agerus Dialouge Index The communication climate

Agerus’ assignment index

A clear picture of your assignment, i.e. what you are expected to do and what it should lead to, is necessary in order to do a good job. This index is used to complement the indices above in order to measure how well employees understand their work assignments.

Index Measures
AAI Agerus Assignment Index The assignment’s clarity


The best comparison is always against oneself; by following your index values improve over time. A comparison with others in similar businesses or organisations can, however, also be valuable, especially from a strategic perspective. Agerus’ indices are used in all industries. Our database therefore contain plenty of measurement values to compare your own results with.

Get the answers to all your questions

By using Agerus’ library of measurement applications you examine other areas not covered by our indices, e.g. corporate social responsibility (CSR), work environment, harassment and equality. It is of course also possible to add your own questions. In addition to being a strategic analysis tool, we feel that this makes Agerus’ Survey a complete employee survey.

Our experts steer you right

A measurement is worth nothing if it isn’t used as a basis for development within the organisation. For analysis and follow-up of results, Agerus’ own experts and a wide-reaching network of certified consultant partners are at hand. You will be provided with all the help you need in your development work and with reaching your goals.

Agerus' Survey is a strategic measurement and analysis tool for management and managers.

Agerus' Survey measures the prerequisites of reaching the organisation's goals, using a number of unique indices.

Agerus' Survey provides a basis for decisions on necessary development activities.

Agerus' Indices are complemented with additional question areas and consequently forms a complete employee survey.